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Professional Translation Services In Malaysia

CatEagle provides comprehensive English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation, two ways, bi-directional. All translation done by qualified CatEagle translators @ high quality, on time delivery and with 7 QC steps quality control.


* English to Chinese and vice versa

* English to Malay translation and vice versa

* Bahasa Malaysia (Malay) to Chinese & vice versa

* Arabic to English or English to Arabic translation

* German, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Tamil, Arabic, Russian to Chinese and English vice versa

* Spanish(Latin America), Dutch, Farsi(Persian) to Chinese and English vice versa

* English to Vietnamese, Laos, Indonesian, Tagalog & vice versa

* Thais to English & vice versa

* French, Spanish(International), Portuguese, Serbia, Greek, Hebrew to English and vice versa

* Finish, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Norwegian, Czech, Cambodian to English and vice versa

* Tibetan, Croatian, Estonian, Italian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Irish to English and vice versa

* Latin, Luxemburgish, Mongolian, Nepali, Turkish, Zulu, Telugu to English and vice versa

* Uyghur, Ukrainian, Tahitian, Tatar, Slovak, Sinhalese, Sanskrit, Punjabi to English and vice versa

CatEagle can do translation for all sorts of documents, technical specifications, speeches, drama scripts, sketches, pure technical items, advertisements, short articles, menus, resumes, medicine, IT, telecommunication, video, audio, web page, instruction manuals, books & etc.

CatEagle also provides comprehensive language interpretation services for Chinese to English (Two ways), English to Chinese (Two ways), Malay to Chinese, Malay to English, English to Vietnamese (Two ways), Vietnamese to English (Two ways),Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thais, Vietnamese, Spanish, Arabic, French, Russian, Dutch, Indonesian and Nepali.

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